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Motivated by our admiration of the fine and decorative arts of the past 500 years, we established a place of business in Charlottesville, VA  that allowed us to buy and sell a selection of mainly 18th century and earlier European old master paintings, drawings, and sculpture, as well as decorative arts of similar quality. Since then we have seen many changes in the way a business like ours can thrive while acquiring a stock of beautiful things. The growth of the internet, and the ways in which we can communicate, have revolutionized the business through and through, even as these new features have themselves been transformed. We have been based in Philadelphiaa for more than 10 years now, with a good deal of activity in select fine art and antique shows. Many of these shows have now fallen under the pressure of the Covid pandemic and the world-wide economic difficulties of the last two years. Now we feel that working at home with a more modest website might satisfy our desires and yours as well.

An important step in this process was an auction sale. When we have finished with this auction, we'll look for ways to maintain contact with you. Our website will, as before, contain much of our current inventory. It is meant to give you an idea of the kind of things which we love and can offer for purchase. Contact us further if you are interested in a piece on the site or if you are looking for something that is not on the site. We maintain our interests in buying old master paintings, drawings, and sculpture, as well as antique decorative objects.

These ideas are not yet set in concrete and we still need to give them deep thought before we are ready to try. them. It goes without saying that we wuld be delighted if you could come for a private visit.

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Christine Magne, Antiquaire 
2401 Pennsylvania Ave., Apt 16A5
Philadelphia, PA 19130
phone: 215.787.9904 

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